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Families That Workout Together Stay Together.

“We believe that the gym or health club will become the "local pub" of the 21st century. A place where people gather together to exercise, have fun, support one another and eat good food together.”




Sharing our activities, observations and inisghts from planetmiller.

My Fitness Journey

JULY 12, 2015 FitDad 12
My Fitness Journey and Why You Must Adapt Fitness Technology.

The story of how, after balooning up to 230 lbs, I used fitness apps & devices to form the habits that enabled me to return to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

3 Steps to Health

JANUARY 24, 2016 FitDad 44
3 Simple Steps to Better Health

Learn the 3 simple, science–backed, that have proven efective at helping people live, longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Mindfulness & My RDF

MARCH 13, 2016 FitDad 9
Mindfulness & My Reality Distrotion Field

As I begun practicing Mindfulness, I question if, if the past will work in the future – informing my thinking via experience of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.


Some of the organizations we, and encourage you to, support.

The Jewish Federations

Meeting the needs of the North American Jewish community. The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) brings together 151 Federations and 300 Network Communities to maximize our impact as the central address of North American Jewry.


UNICEF does whatever it takes to save and protect the world's most vulnerable children. Forty years ago, UNICEF figured out that promoting simple, low-cost interventions like hand washing and breastfeeding could save millions of lives.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity's vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Our mission is to put God's love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.

The Conservation Fund

At the Fund, we make conservation work for America. By creating solutions that make environmental and economic sense, we are redefining conservation to demonstrate its essential role in our future prosperity.

Anti–Defamation League

The Anti–Defamation League was founded in 1913 "to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.". The ADL is now the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency.

The Doe Fund

The Doe Fund provides paid transitional work, housing, educational opportunities, counseling, and career training to people with histories of homelessness, incarceration, and substance abuse.

HandsOn Network

The HandsOn Network seeks to bring people together to strengthen communities through meaningful volunteer action, and including some half million volunteers in communities inside and outside the United States.

Yad Vashem

As the Jewish people's living memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its meaning for future generations. Yad Vashem is today a dynamic and vital place of intergenerational and international encounter.


GLIDE's mission is to create a radically inclusive, just and loving community mobilized to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization.

Shanghai Adream

Adream endeavors to address inequalities in China's education sector through its projects and services, collectively known as the "Adream Center" network.



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